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Naturally, in the case of humans, electricity wants to pass through short and easy routes. Electricity passes through an easy path for her to return to the ground. The only way electricity can return to the ground without any harm is through a wire called Earth Wire and then Earth Rod.

The whole process of completing the operation of this system is called Grounding. If there is a problem with the neutral wire, or any other technical problem that will cause a sudden increase in electricity due to lightning for example, then the earth wire will carry this extra electricity to the ground. With this combination of earth wire and earth rod, the ground is easily accessible by lightning. It means that the grounding system has a duty to protect the consumer when an electrical problem occurs.

If lightning struck in your home it would cause harm to your electrical system and other effects (Read about thunder in the previous lesson). But if the system is properly connected to the earth system (Grounding) the whole amount of harmful electricity to the user or appliance will end up in the ground instead of burning everything that is connected to electricity at that time or harming humans.

We all know that the earth is a good source of electricity by its very nature. And as I said earlier, lightning tends to pass through the simplest and shortest path, so on-ground your electrical system is to make harmful electricity easier for you to find a place to pass easily instead of going down through your body.

So in short, Earthing or Grounding is to connect your electromagnetic equipment to the earth's surface using earth wire and often rod-earth that is buried in the moist soil.

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