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Draft game | Free Downloads Games

Draft game

Checkers is a classic board game with a few simple rules to play with a friend, Before you set up the board, you should determine who goes first. You can do this based on who won the last game, a coin toss, or by any other method. The person who will go first will take the black checkers and the other will take the white. Keep in mind that in checkers, the player with the black checkers always goes first.


Draft game | Free Downloads Games

The game run properly for Window XP....... But when you run window 7/8/10 please follow the following steps:

After downloading complete


  1. Right click the setup (Game)
  2. Select Troubleshoot Compatibility (wait a minutes to resolve issues)
  3. Click try recommended settings
  4. Then Click start the program button


To play this game, Select the girl then start to push/play

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