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LED TV has no power | Troubleshooting Guide

The TV has no power ,Troubleshooting Guide

Check the TV’s power cable, energy saving switch (if applicable) and another connected device:

  1. Disconnect the TV power cable and wait two minutes.
  2. Reconnect the TV power cable and press the [Power] button again on the TV instead of the remote control.
  3. NOTE: If your TV is using an external power supply unit, make sure that the cable between the power outlet and the TV’s external power supply unit is firmly connected on both ends.
  4. If the TV starts, it means that the remote control is out of batteries, or the batteries are not inserted properly in the remote, or that the remote is not working correctly.
  5. If your TV has a TV Energy Saving Switch (at the back or side of the TV) please check that it is ON
  6. Try connecting another electronic device on the same AC outlet and check whether you can use it to confirm the issue is not coming from your AC outlet.

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