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Smartphone repair parts | components that make a smartphone system you should to know in 2020

Smartphone repair parts

Building a smartphone is not a simple task like making a fidget spinner.

A smartphone has a lot of parts. Literally hundreds of parts. Like processor, ram, internal storage, display, image processor, touch panel, earpiece, camera, lot of sensors, flash, to name some important few.

Smartphone manufacturing is a CNC process. You cant build one with bare hands.

For time being lets take you are going to buy a SoC for the Smartphone you are going to build. Let's assume that you decide to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC for the Smartphone. This SoC is manufactured by Qualcomm and you have to approach them to buy it. How will you approach Qualcomm to give a purchase order of 1 Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC?? Do you think they'll bother about your order? They'll probably think its a joke.
Smartphone repair parts | components that make a smartphone system you should to know in 2020
There are more important things to take into consideration in making a smartphone. There is thermal efficiency, you should make sure your phone doesn't overheat, and doing this isn't a piece of cake.

All these components make a system and that too one of the best embedded systems.

    1. Display
    2. Battery
    3. System on a Chip (SoC)
    4. Memory/Storage
    5. Modems
    6. Cameras
    7. Sensors
    8. Microphone
    9. Speaker
    10. Operation System.

Requirement on smartphone

    1. Display (at least HD i.e. 720p)
    2. Processor (can be any except Mediatek)
    3. RAM(at least 2 GB for normal usage)
    4. Camera both front and rear
    5. GPU
    6. Battery life
    7. Sensors i.e. Compass, Gyroscope, Proximity etc
    8. Android Version (at least KitKat or Marshmallow)

Hi! This is something which comes as a recollection while typing answer on a smartphone parts.

    1. Battery
    2. Speaker and mic
    3. Signal Processor
    4. On board Processor (CPU)
    5. RAM & ROM
    6. ADC - DAC Converter
    7. Camera
    8. WiFi circuit
    9. Gyro-meter
    10. Accelerometer
    11. Touch Screen
    12. Scanner (face or finger)
    13. Charging circuit (on board voltage comparator)
    14. Casing
    15. Light Sensor
    16. LED
    17. 3.5mm audio jack
    18. Application Software's & OS
    19. Graphics Processor (GPU)
    20. USB Port
    21. Bluetooth & IR
    22. GPS or A-GPS
    23. Antenna
    24. Charger
    25. Magnetometer
    26. Proximity Sensor
    27. Barometer or Altimeter
    28. Keypad (on board or on screen)
    29. FM Radio Circuit
    30. SIM Card Slot/s
    31. External Memory Reader

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