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6G; Wireless Innovation Is An Endless.

2030 Vision — Visualize the Next Generation

Each generation of mobile communications technology has reigned for about a decade, before being superseded by a new standard. Since the 1980s, after four generations of mobile communications technologies, connection of people has essentially become a reality. Now, with the fast commercialization of 5G technologies, we are closer to realizing the connection of everything. In the future, 5.5G will lead us to the era of intelligent Internet of everything.


6G will come after 2030. What will be the vision of new generation network? In next 10 years, intelligence will be everywhere in our lives, and it will be more distributed than centralized. "The network will do much more than just transmit data. It will become a distributed intelligent entity that can merge the real and digital worlds", Dr. Zhu predicted.

Dr. Zhu concluded that, "Moving toward 2025 and 2030, an exciting future awaits the wireless industry. Together with partners, Huawei hopes to explore the endless frontier of 5.5G and beyond."

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