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Mauzosheet | online system for businesses.

What is mauzosheet?

This is an online system, which is designed specifically to help retailers who sell wholesale and retail products, by storing information and running their businesses more easily and sophisticatedly.

"Sell, Lend goods with the help of Mauzosheet"


To join this service you need to register by clicking the REGISTER button and our team is ready to serve you. For any problem or support contact us through our means of communication, to start enjoying our services.

Our services

Product sales.

"Sell, Lend goods with the help of mauzosheet"

Mauzosheet keeps a record of all your sales and calculates the price based on the number of products you sell / lend, the profit, the loss and if you wish it will tell you what to return to the customer.

Lead your business wherever you are in the world.

Are you at home, in a hotel, on a farm, picking up your groceries or traveling to greet a lady in the village? Mauzosheet will tell you what's going on in your store, tell you when a Customer is borrowing, what product is about to expire.
All you have to do is have a computer / laptop or phone connected to the internet.

Definition and the conduct of your business!

We believe various businesses face the challenge of keeping records of sales, expenses, debts, profits, losses, employee payments, customer information and so on. Mauzosheet enables the trader to store those and many other information more easily.


Benefit from becoming a Sales Mauzosheet.

As an Agent of Mauzosheet you will benefit from receiving a dividend of twenty percent (20%) of all cash collections brought by customers that you have connected to this modern business network.

Want to make money cleverly? Join now with your teammates on Sales Sheet and take a step back in life

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