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In worldwide most of cars do not have any indication of the battery voltage level and any alert to the driver if the battery is very low. Therefore if the car is off parked and the battery is drained completely for any reasons, the user cannot be able to start the car. This may cause a lot of inconvenience to the car driver and other user


The general objectives of this project is to design and implement a real time car battery status with low voltage alert and solar backup system.


  • To design and implement a power supply unit with solar and battery charger.
  • To design and implement a control circuit.  
  • To provide a voltage sensor. 
  • To provide a displaying unit.
  • To build the prototype.
  • To test and troubleshoot the system.


Existing system

In previous project of car battery monitoring system uses a qualitative parameter that indicate the ability of the battery to deliver the charge that is stored in it. The indicating parameters was just used to indicate if the battery is fully charged, safe to use mode or battery voltage level is extremely low that lead to incapable of starting the car. There was no any indication in percentage of voltage level indicate to alert the user or no any alerting system of low voltage level. 

Disadvantages of existing system

  • Does not alert the car user in case they forget to switch off anything which may drain the battery after parking.
  •  Reduces the life span of the car’s battery
  • Reduces the life span of the alternator
  • Disposal of  battery lead to environmental pollution.

Operation of proposed system

According to the block diagram the battery will produces power to the voltage sensor and also check the level of voltage of the battery. In which the voltage sensor detect the level of voltage and send information to the microcontroller. Microcontroller will control the voltage level and make the LED indicator to indicate the controlled level, under low voltage level of car battery at the certain level. The relay will disconnect the load which consist of lighting system radio and air 

The relay will disconnect the load which consist of lighting system radio and air condition in order to prevent the continuing drop of voltage and the alarm circuit consist of buzzer will alert the user and prevent the user from not being able to start the car. Also after the relay disconnecting the load, voltage from the solar panel will be regulated by power supply for battery charging and also powering the whole circuit.

Analysis of LED

To calculate the value of resistance

Nominal current = 10mA -16mA ( obtained from data sheet)

Forward voltage (Vd) =1.8V- 2.4V(obtained from data sheet)

Let D4=D5=D6=D 

Vd = 1.8V


From ohms law 

VS=IR + Vd


A standard resistor value of 330Ξ© was chosen since it was the nearest lowered preferred value.

Analysis of Buzzer

To calculate the value of resistance R2

Resonant frequency: 2300Hz

Rated voltage =5V DC(from buzzer data sheet)

Rated current =30mA (from buzzer data sheet)

From V =IR2

R2 = πŸ“π‘½/πŸ‘πŸŽπ’Žπ‘¨ =166.7Ω

A standard resistor value of 200Ξ© was chosen since it was the nearest lowered preferred value.

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